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ALDOT wants to hear from you!

Oct 10

Do you live in an area where transportation projects will soon be underway? ALDOT wants to hear from you.

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) invites questions and comments from the public.

If your property adjoins an ALDOT project, you may receive a notice by mail to alert you to involvement and commenting opportunities. You may also see meeting announcements in local newspapers, on a road sign, or a social media post.

At any time, you can visit ALDOT’s public involvement website,, for information about upcoming transportation projects. At the website, you can sort by location, date, and description of the project to see those that interest you. A green light will signify that the comment period is open. One click on the project and you can submit your comments online or learn about an in-person meeting opportunity.

In-person meetings allow you to meet ALDOT staff members and talk specifically about a particular project. At these meetings, you will usually see a map of the project and hear about its short-term and long-term impacts. Your input and suggestions are important, so you will have an opportunity to share them personally or in writing.