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We are glad you want to know more about ALDOT. Here are some of our most popular publications and reports:

  • Annual Reports provide a view of ALDOT by year, including our strategic directions and major projects.
  • Crash Facts publications, found on ALDOT’s Drive Safe Alabama website, provides annual driving data about when and where crashes happen most.

In addition, the ALDOT website maintains a publication library of manuals, forms, policies, reports, and standards.

Let us get your concern to the right department. Please give us the details here: Report a Concern.

For timelines and other information about major ALDOT projects, visit the projects page.

For the latest traffic information, visit ALGO Traffic.

ALDOT traffic cameras are live-feed only and do not record. ALDOT does not store footage from these feeds.

If your project is associated with a state-maintained route and involves a driveway, median crossover, utility work, change to drainage, landscaping, roadside/outdoor advertising, or installation of public safety sensors, you need a permit. You might also require a permit for different circumstances, and ALDOT can help you assess the requirements.

Visit the Permits page on the ALDOT website for more information and points of contact.

Visit Permits.

The Alabama Department of Revenue can help you with this.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Driver’s License Online Services can help you with this.

Report trucking, moving company, bus and other violations to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Report driving violations to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency can help you with this.

We can help! Visit our Maps page to order a state map. (You may also be interested in seeing our wide variety of digital maps!)

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Driver’s License Department can help you with this.

A US DOT number is assigned to commercial vehicles by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Visit the FMCSA Unified Registration System.

You can submit questions and concerns to