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Spreading the news about quick clearance laws

Trucks and cars traveling on a divided highway, as seen from above
Nov 27
As a way to reduce backup and additional crashes and injuries that happen following a minor crash, Alabama has a Quick Clearance Law. This law permits motorists, law enforcement and the Alabama Department of Transportation to move a vehicle off the road when a crash is minor and nobody is injured.

In 2022, 75% of crashes that occurred on Alabama’s roadways were property-damage-only crashes. To reduce the impact to traffic flow, Alabama has passed Quick Clearance Laws that are designed to protect ALDOT workers, first responders and to ensure traffic resumes quickly after a crash occurs.

If a motorist is involved in a minor crash and the vehicle can be driven, the Quick Clearance Law requires the motorist to move their vehicle out of travel lanes to the shoulder or another safe area. This will make it easier for first responders, particularly Alabama Service Assistance Patrol (ASAP) drivers, to get traffic flowing quickly. Under this law, employees of ALDOT or any law enforcement officers may require and assist in moving a disabled vehicle from the scene of an accident if the disabled vehicle creates a traffic hazard.

ASAP drivers around the state are prepared to assist removing any crash that impedes the flow of traffic, however some, if not most drivers will not have heard of the Quick Clearance Laws. To help inform travelers about their responsibility to remove their cars from roadways after crashes if possible, ALDOT has implemented “Move it or We’ll Remove It.” ASAP drivers will be handing out Quick Clearance information cards to those involved in crashes.