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ALDOT is preparing for potential severe weather impacts

ALDOT logo on rainy window
Jan 08

The Alabama Department of Transportation is preparing for severe weather impacts associated with the storms expected to move through the state Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

ALDOT is monitoring the weather with help from the National Weather Service, Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and other partners across the state. Following the storm, ALDOT’s priority will be to safely deploy crews to assess damage, clear debris and make any necessary repairs to roads, bridges, signs, and traffic signals.

ALDOT urges drivers to take the following steps:

  • Travel only if necessary. Consider postponing non-essential trips until after the storm passes.
  • Stay informed. Monitor weather forecasts and ALDOT traffic updates through the ALGO Traffic app or the ALGO Traffic website at
  • Prepare your vehicle. Ensure your tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth, and check fluid levels (antifreeze, wiper fluid, etc.).
  • Drive slowly and cautiously. Increase following distances and avoid sudden braking or jerky movements.
  • Turn on headlights and fog lights. Increase visibility for yourself and other drivers.
  • Avoid flooded areas. Do not attempt to drive through flooded roadways, even if it appears shallow. Turn around, don’t drown.
  • Have an emergency kit readily available. Include items like a blanket, non-perishable food, water, flares, a first-aid kit, and a cell phone charger.

Additional tips for severe weather travel include:

  • Dress warmly in layers. This will allow you to adjust to changing temperatures if stranded.
  • Keep your gas tank full. Don’t get caught short if you become stuck in traffic.
  • Charge your cell phone. Communication is vital in case of emergencies. Keep a cell phone charger in your vehicle.
  • Tell someone your travel plans. Let family or friends know your route and estimated arrival time.