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Bids opened for next I-59 reconstruction project

An eight-mile segment of aging I-59 northbound between Fort Payne and Hammondville in DeKalb County is being replaced with a new concrete roadway.
Feb 23

The Alabama Department of Transportation opened bids today for the fourth project in an ongoing effort to reconstruct the I-59 corridor in northeast Alabama.

The project includes pavement removal, grading, drainage, and pavement replacement on more than eight miles of the northbound roadway of I-59 from SR-117 at Hammondville to the Georgia state line.

Of four bidders, contractor Wiregrass Construction submitted the apparent low bid of $40,929,480. Bids were anticipated to be between $37.1 and $45.4 million.

Construction is pending bid review and award of the contract. The project’s deadline for completion is Nov. 6, 2026.

ALDOT has reconstructed two segments of I-59 northbound and a third project is underway.

In 2022, Wiregrass Construction finished replacement of about eight miles of the northbound roadway through Fort Payne at a cost of $25.2 million. Recently, Wiregrass completed nearly 11 miles northbound from Reece City to Collinsville at a cost of $44 million. Contractor A.G. Peltz Group is currently working on an eight-mile segment between US-11 in Fort Payne and SR-117 in Hammondville, anticipated to be complete in early 2025, at a cost of $40.8 million.

The cost of these improvements so far has been about $110 million. The project let today is expected to bring that total to $150 million.

Garver Engineering is designing a project to address a 10-mile segment of the southbound roadway of I-59 from Collinsville to Reese City, currently expected for construction letting in late 2024 or early 2025. ALDOT is in the process of engaging another consultant to design another southbound segment beginning at the Georgia state line.