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Alabama’s artistic Little River Canyon Bridge designed to fit the natural terrain

Little River Canyon Bridge
A breathtaking view of Little River Canyon National Preserve with the Little River Canyon bridge on SR-35 in the background connecting Cherokee and Dekalb counties.
Feb 29

Nestled in the Little River Canyon National Preserve, the Little River Canyon bridge on SR-35 connects Cherokee and Dekalb counties. When this bridge opened in August of 2010, it was the first of its kind in the state. The intent was to integrate the bridge design into the natural terrain of the surrounding preserve.

With a driving surface 53 feet above the riverbed, the bridge is 465 feet long. It has only one pier set in the middle of the streambed, which causes the least possible amount of impact to the natural flow of the river. Support beams and rebar were manufactured using recycled steel, and recycled asphalt was used to pave the driving surface. The bridge has a fully developed pedestrian lane featuring three viewing areas with benches overlooking the scenic Little River Canyon and falls. Another unique aspect of the bridge is its 11,800 square feet of simulated stone masonry, adding overall artistic value and visual appeal.

In 2012, the Little River Canyon Bridge received national recognition from the Sierra Club as one of the 50 Best U.S. Transportation Projects.