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Alabama has a Code of the Road: Knowing it helps you follow it

ALDOT's Code of the Road Safety Campaign
Apr 01

ALDOT has a new campaign from Drive Safe Alabama called Code of the Road. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see billboards all around the state encouraging drivers to “Click the seat belt, not the like button.” This is in effort to drive down the more than 144,000 crashes happening on Alabama roads.

This campaign takes an entertaining approach to delivering a serious message about keeping yourself and others safe on the road. Watching out for your passengers or others and caring about what happens to them is the basis for the “code.”

Messages related to distracted driving, impaired driving, seatbelt safety and speeding are featured in the Code of the Road. Alabama crash data shows that these four areas have the greatest impact on highway safety in Alabama.

Here are some of Alabama’s Codes of the Road:

  • Be Alert – It is incredibly dangerous when your eyes are on your phone and not on the road. That’s pretty obvious, but many drivers do this all the time, putting themselves, their passengers and other vehicles in danger.
  • Drive Sober – Despite knowing the dangers, many people still take this risk. Staying sober means no alcohol AND no drugs. Being under the influence of any impairing substance behind the wheel is very dangerous and super illegal.
  • ALL Occupants Buckle Up – Here’s a comprehensive list of everyone who should be buckled up when a car is in motion: driver, front seat passenger, back left passenger, back right passenger, back middle passenger, third row passengers.
  • Keep Right, Except to Pass – No one loves being held up on a multi-lane highway by a slow driver in the left lane, so mover over to the right for others to pass.

To help you remember some of Alabama’s Codes of the Road, here are some fun and memorable sayings to use:

Watch Your Speed, Not TikTok

Catch a Sober Ride, Not a Buzz

Fill Your Tank, Not Your Wine Glass

Share the Road, Not a Post

Take the Exit, Not the Edible

Follow Drive Safe Alabama on Facebook and Instagram for more Code of the Road messaging and great videos to share with friends and family about Alabama’s Code of the Road.