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ALDOT offers tips for traveling safely through work zones

Graphic with a road on it and the words Ten Tips for Safe Driving with the ALDOT logo beneath
National Work Zone Safety Week is April 15 through 19, but drivers should drive safely in work zones year round.
Apr 16

Every driver encounters them: those orange cone-filled stretches of road that seem like a recipe for frustration. But work zones are more than just a traffic nuisance – they’re areas where people are hard at work to improve our roadways.

National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 15 through 19, but drivers should drive safely in work zones year round. The Alabama Department of Transportation offers the following tips to drivers to promote safe driving habits in work zones.

Navigate work zones safely with these essential tips

  1. Stay Alert and Pay Attention: Keep your eyes on the road and watch for signs indicating reduced speeds, lane changes and other important information. Avoid distractions like cell phones or adjusting the radio.
  2. Follow Signs and Flaggers’ Instructions: Obey all work zone signs, signals, and flaggers. They provide important information about speed limits, lane closures, and how to safely navigate through the work area.
  3. Merge Safely: Be prepared to merge into the appropriate lane well before reaching the work zone. Follow the “Merge Here” signs and merge as soon as it is safe to do so.
  4. Obey Reduced Speed Limits: Slow down and follow the posted speed limits within the work zone. Speeding is one of the leading causes of crashes in work zones.
  5. Keep a Safe Following Distance: Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. Increase your following distance to allow for sudden stops or lane changes.
  6. Expect the Unexpected: Be prepared for lane shifts, uneven road surfaces, or equipment entering and exiting the work area. Stay focused and anticipate changes in traffic patterns.
  7. Be Patient and Stay Calm: Work zones can cause delays and disruptions to traffic flow. Stay patient, calm, and avoid aggressive driving behaviors.
  8. Watch for Workers and Equipment: Be aware of construction workers and equipment near the roadway. Keep an eye out for workers directing traffic or operating machinery.
  9. Use Turn Signals: Signal your intentions early when changing lanes or merging. This helps other drivers anticipate your movements and reduces the risk of collisions.
  10. Stay Informed: Check for updates on road conditions and construction projects before your trip. Use ALGOtraffic or other traffic apps to plan your route and avoid heavily congested work zones.

Remember to always prioritize safety and exercise caution when approaching and navigating through work zones.