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ROADeo Promotes Skill and Safety

Drone view from above of the Roadeo Competition.
Apr 19

In a display of skill, camaraderie, and commitment to safety, the Alabama Department of Transportation Southwest Region hosted its annual Mobile Area Equipment Operators ROADeo state competition qualifier during National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 15 – 19, 2024. The ROADeo brought together transportation maintenance workers who handle heavy equipment to compete in a series of challenging exercises aimed at promoting safety culture and skill advancement among employees.

The area qualifier, held in Evergreen, featured a range of skilled exercises tailored to test the operators’ precision and proficiency with heavy machinery commonly used in highway maintenance. These exercises included obstacle courses, maneuvering challenges, and tasks requiring precise control of equipment like graders, loaders, backhoes, and dump trucks.

According to ALDOT Assistant Maintenance Engineer Jason White, the primary objective of the ROADeo is to foster a culture of safety while providing an opportunity for friendly competition among coworkers. By engaging in this competition, participants not only demonstrated their technical skills and abilities but also reinforced the importance of adhering to safety protocols as they maintain Alabama roads and bridges.

“The ROADeo is more than just a competition—it’s a platform for our dedicated maintenance workers to showcase their skills and reaffirm their commitment to safety,” stated Matt Ericksen, Region Engineer for ALDOT Southwest Region. “Events like these not only promote skill development but also strengthen the bonds among our team members.”

The event drew enthusiastic participation from maintenance crews representing various districts within the ALDOT Southwest Region. Winners will compete at the state level and advance to the Southeast Regional ROADeo to be hosted by the North Carolina Department of Transportation this year. Throughout the ROADeo, participants cheered each other on, exchanged tips, and celebrated the teamwork that underpins ALDOT’s operations.

“The ROADeo is a highlight of our year,” said White. “It’s a chance to demonstrate what we do best and learn from each other. Most importantly, it emphasizes the importance of safety in our daily work.”

The ROADeo concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding performance and teamwork among the participants. While top competitors were awarded for qualifying to compete at the state level, the true success of the event lay in the shared commitment to promoting a safety-first mindset within ALDOT.

As the National Work Zone Awareness Week campaign promotes a safety message to the public, roadway workers also use this time to focus on setting up a safe work zone. The ROADeo helps reinforce many of those safety standards. The event leaves participants inspired and energized to continue their mission of maintaining Alabama’s roadways with skill, dedication, and above all, safety.

ROADeo competition April 2024

ROADeo competition April 2024

ROADeo competition April 2024.

ROADeo competition April 2024