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ALDOT begins US-43 turn lane project in Clarke County

Trucks and equipment on the side of US-43 in Clarke County
Work is beginning on US-43 in Clarke County
May 01

In a significant move aimed at enhancing road safety and traffic efficiency, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has commenced a crucial infrastructure project along US-43 in Clarke County this week. The project, which focuses on adding a vital center turn lane between the cities of Grove Hill and Jackson, marks a proactive step to address a history of accidents and improve access to key destinations in the area.

The new turn lane will be strategically positioned to serve two connecting routes and facilitate safer entry to the Clarke/Washington County Electric Membership Cooperative facility. The route has been the site of multiple traffic incidents over recent years due to limited access. The expansion aims to mitigate congestion and reduce the risk of collisions by providing designated turn lanes for vehicles accessing these critical locations.

Local authorities and residents have welcomed this initiative, recognizing the urgent need for enhanced safety measures along this stretch of US-43. The addition of a dedicated turn lane is anticipated to significantly reduce traffic disruptions and enhance the overall flow of vehicles, especially during peak hours.

Lane construction is now underway as contractors have mobilized teams and equipment on-site, commencing work immediately. The construction activity is expected to progress swiftly over the coming weeks, with ALDOT closely monitoring the project’s timeline and ensuring minimal disruption to regular traffic flow.

“This project is a vital step forward in our efforts to enhance road safety and improve connectivity for motorists in Clarke County,” stated James Gordon, ALDOT spokesperson for the Southwest Region.” The addition of a center turn lane will alleviate traffic bottlenecks and create safer conditions for drivers accessing critical destinations along US-43.”

The completion of this project is eagerly anticipated by commuters and businesses alike, as it promises to transform the daily commute experience for hundreds of motorists navigating this busy corridor. ALDOT has advised travelers to exercise caution and adhere to posted speed limits in the construction zone to ensure the safety of workers and drivers during this critical phase of road enhancement.