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The Key to a Safe Summer

Graphic with a ribbon made of roadway and the words national youth traffic safety month
May 01

May is Youth Traffic Safety Month

As temperatures rise and the school year ends, May marks National Youth Traffic Safety Month. It is a crucial time to raise awareness about road and driving safety for young drivers. Teenagers are at a higher risk on the road and traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for teens 15 to 18 years old. In 2022, 861 teenagers died in car crashes nationally.

Teenagers’ inexperience behind the wheel makes them more vulnerable to crashes. Distracted driving, not buckling up, speed and alcohol and drug use are specific risks that teenagers are prone to. By talking to the teen in your life and taking control and setting a good example we can avoid these risks and make the road safe for everyone.

Tips for Teens with Keys:

  • Buckle Up: Make sure the car doesn’t start moving until EVERYONE is buckled up. In 2022, half of the passengers killed in crashes by teen drivers weren’t buckled up.
  • Put Distractions Away: Distractions can be anything that take your eyes, hands or mind off off the road. Texting, TikTok, eating, adjusting GPS and even cutting up with other passengers are all considered distractions. Placing your phone on “do not disturb” and putting your phone away can dramatically decrease distracted driving. Not to to mention that Alabama now has a Hands-Free Law.
  • Know Alabama’s GDL Laws:  Familiarize yourself with Alabama’s Graduated Driver License Law and the restrictions placed on teen licenses. There are three stages to a Graduated License; Stage I – a Learner’s Permit, Stage II – a Restricted License and Stage III – an Unrestricted or Regular License.
  • Limit Extra Passengers: Teenage drivers are more at risk to distractions and crashes when others are in their car. Limiting the number of people allowed in a teen’s car will improve their ability to driver safely.
  • Don’t Speed:  Almost a third of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2022 were speeding. Following posted speed limits increases the reaction time inexperienced drivers may need to avoid a crash and makes roads safer for everyone.

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