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ALDOT announces the demolition of the Beach Express Bridge toll plaza

Drone photograph southbound of Beach Express Bridge in Baldwin County. Toll booth prior to demolition.
Demolition of the Beach Express Bridge toll plaza is expected to begin on June 16.
Jun 13

ALDOT announces the demolition of the Beach Express Bridge toll plaza is scheduled to begin on Sunday night, June 16. The project is part of a broader effort to enhance traffic flow and safety in the area, with work being carried out by McInnis Construction LLC of Summerdale, Alabama.

The demolition will unfold in several stages, starting with temporary traffic shifts. McInnis Construction will begin to remove toll booths on Sunday night while maintaining one lane of travel in each direction through the plaza.  

On Monday, once patching is complete, traffic will be shifted to accommodate the demolition of any remaining toll booths, followed by necessary patching.

On Tuesday night, McInnis Construction LLC will install a detour of all traffic and remove the overhead plaza canopy. Once the canopy is removed, any required patching will be completed, and the paving contractor will begin asphalt overlay work for the final traffic configuration after the toll plaza is cleared.

ALDOT urges motorists to remain vigilant and plan their travels accordingly during the demolition period. The cooperation of the public is appreciated as these critical improvements are made to the infrastructure.

Anticipated Schedule of Operations

Sunday Night, June 16th: Approximately 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.

  • Temporary traffic shifts will occur: Northbound traffic will be redirected to the east bypass lane, and southbound traffic will move to the easternmost through lane under the plaza.
  • McInnis Construction will remove toll booths 1, 2, and 3 (from west to east) and patch the areas.

Monday, June 17th:

  • Upon completion of patching for toll booths 1-3, traffic will be shifted back to the west side of the plaza.
  • Removal of toll booth 4 and the bypass booth will commence, followed by patching of the booth 4 area.

Tuesday Night, June 18th: Approximately 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.

  • A detour will be placed to facilitate the removal of the awning. The awning/ canopy will be dropped and relocated to the west side for demolition and removal.
  • Any necessary patching will be conducted after the awning removal.
  • The paving contractor will be scheduled to begin overlay work once the toll plaza is fully removed.

For further updates and detailed information, visit or ALDOT’s social media pages.