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ALDOT engineer helps high school students design a career

Chris Wilson ALDOT Engineer speaks at BrewTech High School 2024
ALDOT engineer Chris Wilson speaks to high school students.
Jul 03

Deciding what to do after high school graduation is a big decision. Chris Wilson, a designer working for the Alabama Department of Transportation, recently gave high school students at Brewbaker Technology Magnet School in Montgomery a look into what their future could be if they decide to pursue a career in civil engineering.

As someone involved in roadway design, Wilson brought a first-hand look at how civil engineers make an impact on our daily lives. We all need safe and efficient roads to get to school and work. These are the roads that trucks deliver the groceries and other products we use each day.  

“Not only do the students learn about the different aspects of civil engineering, but they also get to make a personal connection with someone in the industry and learn about civil engineering at ALDOT specifically,” Wilson said.

Along with bringing general engineering career information, Wilson presents actual engineering plans during his visit. Students get to see how a road project is designed and the many details involved. “I want to share with the students some of the work that civil engineers do,” Wilson said. “That way, they can better decide if civil engineering is of interest to them. Civil engineering has been a great profession for me, and I want to encourage new talent to consider the profession.”

Wilson is an alumnus of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. He has worked for ALDOT for four years. He was in the ALDOT Professional Civil Engineering Trainee (PCET) program during his first years with ALDOT.  “ALDOT allows engineers to be knowledgeable in every arena of civil engineering from design to construction to traffic to materials,” Wilson said.  “I enjoy not being put in a “box” this early in my career.”

The PCET program at ALDOT gives civil engineering college students real work experience while attending college. Students are paid for their work and have the flexibility to choose their work hours based on their college class schedules.

Students interested in an ALDOT internship program or the PCET program for civil engineers should email for more information. To learn more about careers at ALDOT, go to