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Collaboration for Safer Roads

Drive Safe Alabama logo and the Alabama State Department of Education logo
Jun 20

Last week, the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Alabama Department of Education joined forces at the Driver Education Summer Conference in Gulf Shores to promote safer driving among the state’s youth. The event served as a platform for ALDOT to speak to driver education teachers about their role in teaching young drivers the importance of safety while driving. ALDOT presented its innovative Drive Safe Alabama safety marketing and education campaign, aimed at reducing traffic fatalities and injuries.

Educators and safety advocates came together to discuss strategies to incorporate unique safety messaging into driver education curriculum. ALDOT’s presentation highlighted the critical importance of educating young drivers about safety and fostering responsible driving behaviors at an early age.

The conference provided an opportunity for ALDOT to share a few new laws that have gone into effect in the past few years that aim to keep Alabama drivers and roads safe. Educators were asked to include information about Alabama’s Move Over Law, the Quick Clearance Law and Alabama’s newest Hands-Free Driving Law into their curriculum. Equipping young drivers with all the tools and knowledge they need before they get their driver license will help them become better drivers in the future.

Alabama Crash Fact data shows that teens at high risk for motor vehicle crashes are males, aged 16-19, teenagers driving with other teenagers in the vehicle with them and newly licensed drivers. The top contributing factors in teen crashes are following too closely and a failure to yield to traffic. The top contributing factors in fatal teen crashes are speeding and aggressive driving. 33 teenagers died in crashes on Alabama roads from 2017-2021.

The Driver Education Summer Conference highlighted the shared commitment of the Department of Education and ALDOT to foster a safer driving environment for all Alabamians by equipping young drivers with the tools they need to be the best drivers.